Welcome to rgorman luthier!   Lutherie Services for Acoustic Guitar / Banjo / Archtop and Resonator Guitar.      Design-build Instruments.    Excellent service and workmanship so you can play your best.  Raymond Gorman  /  Prather, Ca.  /  (559) 916-5055   ray@rgormanluthier.com

What it’s About

It’s all about “The Sound”.    How to find it,  how to hold on to it.   There is a pure tone in every instrument, individual and unmistakable.   There is a setup for each one that will let the instrument speak to it’s fullest.   We find this voice for the artist musician, so they can play their best.

“The Sound”  is in the wood,  in the way we build the instrument.    The Luthier endeavors to build the instrument for life,  build for that pure tone and in the way that expresses his or her artistic experience of the day.    I am committed to be the best I can for you so you can play your best for others.