Instrument Setup and Playability

complete fretwork and setups for acoustic instruments

Instrument Repairs and Modifications

major and minor repairs on your instrument

New Instruments- Design / Build

The goals here are always tone, playability and beauty.  By playing a superior instrument, the musician can achieve the highest personal potential in their music.  I learn and practice my work for you using the techniques and lessons of the great luthiers and woodworkers.   

new instruments and new projects are the most exciting part of continued learning and improvement in my craft…for your craft. 

serving musicians in the valley and  mountains of Central California

Since 2012, I have endeavored to be proficient and thoughtful to the needs of my customers.  My goal is to help you play better, and enjoy music to your fullest.

Lutherie and fine woodworking are life-long pursuits of excellence in craft, design and application.  Both the modest and most advanced instruments can achieve their best tone and playability with proper repairs and regular care.